Haptics Maze

iOS game made in Unity to showcase multimodal navigation

The Haptic Maze game was made for an Advanced Unity Seminar at the University of Maine. Students were told to pick an advanced topic to focus their design on. For this project, the focus was vibrotactile feedback with the usage of iPhones. The goal was to have a low light maze that players would have to navigate while avoiding various "enemies" by relying on the haptics. The simple art style allowed for a clean look that allowed more time to be spent on the actual code of the game.

One of the first things developed for this game was the touch-based movement mechanism, allowing players to swipe anywhere on the screen to move the PlayerSquare, rather than having a touchpad in the corner. Once the player could move, a maze was created and populated with "enemy" circles. These circles had colliders that when hit would deal damage to the player while playing severe vibrotactile feedback. Players would also be warned when approaching enemies with softer haptic feedback as they navigated the maze.