Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

A full motion vehicle simulator designed to assist in research and showcase the future of automobiles

This simulator has been dubbed "MOISIN" (pronounced mo-sheen), standing for Multimodal Omnidirectional Immersive Simulator for Inclusive Navigation. This is the first full-motion "people-mover" or "robo-taxi" simulator designed to research the vehicles that will soon replace ride-sharing services available today. The simulator sits atop a motion platform powered by actuators, while high-powered projectors display realistic cityscapes in a 360-degree fully immersive scene around the simulator.

As a key member of the 6-person MOISIN student development team, I focused on intersection and traffic setup, which is a crucial step in creating a realistic simulation experience. I also worked on development with CARLA, an open-source simulator for autonomous driving research, in Unreal4. I worked closely with lab staff and other student developers to ensure MOISIN was capable of performing at the highest possible standard.