About Me

Hi, I'm Roisin (pronounced: ro-sheen), a lead developer at Purple Pine Studios. With my career, I would like to make an impact with story-based video games. I believe that collaboration is an important step in the creative process. I'm passionate about how we as a society interface with computers and how we can use this medium as a greater art form.

My Work


An iOS app developed for the USDOT's Inclusive Design Challenge. Learn More

Haptics Maze

A simple iOS game that allows users to navigate in low light by using haptics. Learn More

Alone in the Dark

A VR demo used to showcase how people can navigate a space using audio cues. Learn More

AV Rapid Research

Researching an individuals default frame of reference in a self driving car. Learn More

Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

A full motion simulator used to research human interaction with AVs. Learn More